Event Horizon

The Order of the Event Horizon are an ancient and secretive cult dedicated to the celestial reaper Blackhole, devourer of worlds, formed long ago by the prophet and hierophant, Necronyx.

Today, Event Horizon are by far the largest religious faction in known existence, with agents operative all over the Milky Way Galaxy and sanctuaries in every shadowy corner. Their primary concern is with the worship and appeasement of their unholy god, as per the teachings of the Abyssal Tome, and also with serving him, so that they might attain a place in his new world.

Although Necronyx himself has little interest in the politics of the galaxy, Event Horizon – like their rivals, the Order of the Galactic Halo – play a significant role in the Orion Diplomacy. An estimated 25 to 30% of the diplomacy’s senators are affiliated with Event Horizon in some fashion, if not cultists themselves then as bought-and-paid-for politicians.


Many thousands of years ago, Necronyx was but a humble sorcerer and astronomer, living and working on the planet Avernion. When he observed a strange anomaly in time and space, he began documenting his findings in a journal. In time, he would come to name this anomaly ‘Blackhole’. The crumbling pages of his journal suggests that Necronyx began to speak with Blackhole – an evil entity, long-since forgotten by the people of the Milky Way Galaxy – who described himself as the first-born heir of Galaxy, the universe’s feckless, fallen god who failed her universe, and then died by his hand.

As he continued to observe this strange anomaly he’d discovered, Necronyx began to spread the word. His journal – previously full of notes, precise and analytical – became a rambling scrawl as he transcribed what he claimed were Blackhole’s demands and tenets. Necronyx and his studies were soon widely debunked by the scientific community, but Necronyx no longer cared for science. Before long, his every waking moment was dedicated to observing Blackhole and preaching in his name, and soon others were joining his cause. Word of Blackhole and his new world order began to spread like wildfire.

Necronyx’s journal became the basis of the scripture we know today as the Abyssal Tome, and his followers – those who gave up their old lives in servitude to Blackhole – became the earliest initiates in the Order of the Event Horizon.

Leadership and hierarchy

Since its founding, the Order of the Event Horizon has always been led by Necronyx, who styles himself as the Hierophant of the Devourer. He claims to be Blackhole’s mouthpiece, the only person in the mortal world who can speak to the devourer and relay his word to the people. Kept alive for thousands of years by dark, magical means, Necronyx is now very old, yet he shows no signs of retiring any time soon – not until Blackhole’s work, and thus his own, is done.

The Hierophant of the Devourer is assisted in leading the Order of the Event Horizon by the Void Council: a small circle of loyal and trusted officials who oversee the order’s business in different parts of the galaxy. The council’s members are hand-selected by the hierophant himself, and voted upon by the other members. It is at all times 13 members strong, with each councillor responsible for a specific segment of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Beneath the Void Council, several more layers of leadership exist, through various segments of the galaxy, great clusters of stars, right down to the individual chapters which form the basis of a cultist’s day-to-day living. Every planet with a sizeable Blackhole following can be expected to have at least one chapter, although many planets have multiple, and some have tens or even hundreds.

Each chapter is based in a sanctuary: a physical location, far from prying eyes and often underground, where chapter members convene for sermons and prayers. Each sanctuary has its own leader, and often a council of its own where necessary. Although it isn’t mandatory to live in a sanctuary permanently, all new acolytes will spend time in a sanctuary whilst they undergo their purification and dark initiation.

Mission and beliefs

The primary mission of the Order of the Event Horizon is to worship Blackhole. The cultists spend their mortal days appeasing the devourer of worlds so that they might, if deemed worthy, attain a place in his new world. They seek to please him by converting lost souls to his destructive cause, and rooting out the disciples of Galaxy where they find them.

Notable members

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