Pronunciation: gah-lak-see
Gender: Genderless (she/her)
Height: Unknown
Mass: Unknown
Occupation: Creator of the universe
Likes: Starsprites, stars, light, creating things, music, motion
Dislikes: The dark, sentient life, responsibility and demands, things that get in the way of her designs
Date created:01 May 2014

Galaxy was the divine creator of our universe.

A grand, celestial being of unknown origin, Galaxy awoke to an empty and endless void more than 26 billion years ago. It was devoid of light, and so Galaxy, fearful of the darkness which encased her, wished for a lamp to guide her way. It came to her in the form of a star. She loved him like a son, and he loved her like a mother. Accompanied by his light – pale and flickering though it was – she overcame her fears, and she began to light more stars, each brighter and more radiant than the last. In time, the void became a universe.

As life began to appear and spread throughout the universe, and as civilisations rose and fell, Galaxy drew many admirers. She was venerated as a mother to all life, and called upon for guidance and protection, but she cared neither for their worship nor their prayers. All she wanted was to create, and that’s what she did, never staying in one place for long. Life was left to its own devices, free to worship her, to wage war over her and kill one another over her, just so long as they didn’t get in her way doing it.

The people grew tired of Galaxy’s apathy towards mortalkind. She paid them no mind. She had her starsprites, and they were all she wanted. But far across the void, something evil festered, angered by Galaxy’s rejection and abandonment. Her first star – fuel expended – became Blackhole, who followed her to the end of the universe and destroyed her.

That was the end of Galaxy, and the beginning of the end of our universe and everything we hold dear.

Physical appearance

Galaxy never possessed a true physical form. She was incorporeal, composed entirely of energy and light, though she surrounded herself with matter which was ever shifting and changing. She could change her appearance at will, making herself very large to create new galaxies, or very small to explore her planets, and even taking the form of animals if it helped her to blend in.

She’s most often depicted as a lady of light, towering above worlds and surrounded by clusters of glittering stars. Statues and paintings (those that remain) portray her as motherly and graceful.


As the one true divine entity, and the creator of the universe, Galaxy’s powers were limitless. She could create anything she wanted. She could light entire constellations of stars with a wave of her hand, drop in planets and paint them with grass and oceans and great mountain ranges, then go in and explore them and watch them come to life, bringing volcanoes bursting out from the ground, or sending great hurricanes to ravage everything in their wake.

She could create life, too. Some of it was deliberate. She created the starsprites to be her companions, and she loved them dearly. Other, mortal life just seemed to spring up from the ingredients she’d left behind on her worlds. Those ones repulsed her.

She could never be omnipresent, but she was both omnipotent and omniscient. Nothing was beyond her ability, there was nothing she didn’t intuitively know, and her memory was an archive of everything that had ever happened in her universe.

But no one, not even a goddess, can predict the future, and Galaxy – being one who was always so focused on the path ahead, and all the things she longed to create next – was blind to everything she left in her wake. If only she’d taken the time to look back, she might have spotted her destruction before it was upon her.

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