Join the Kinoko Fan Club

Do you want to support the development of our game whilst getting behind-the-scenes, first-look access to all the cool new stuff we’re working on? The ‘Kinoko Fan Club’, powered by Patreon, is our brand new membership scheme, designed to give you an inside-look at the development of our game and project in exchange for a low monthly subscription – with prices starting from as little as $1 USD per month!

The Kinoko Fan Club differs from our website blog in that we post little and often, so it’s the place to go for frequent, more incremental updates on our game’s progression. We also post other kinds of stuff there, like new art WIPs and concepts, short game clips, brand new lore, and lots more besides.

When you join the Kinoko Fan Club, you’ll get immediate access to our growing archive of previous posts, and you’ll be signed up to receive notifications about all future posts just as soon as they become available. You’ll also get access to additional channels in our Discord server, including #updates, where we post daily, diary-style updates on all the new stuff we’ve been working on, and – depending on the tier you choose – a new vanity role, overriding your existing ‘Follower of Galaxy’ or ‘Follower of Blackhole’ one with something more befitting your status as a fan of Kinoko.

Interested? Find out more about the tiers and pricing over on Patreon!

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