Outer space

/ˈaʊtər speɪs/
Rotation period: N/A
Orbital period: N/A
Entity type: Cosmic
Class: N/A

The term ‘outer space’ refers to the vast expanse surrounding and between every other world. It expands far beyond the reaches of the Milky Way Galaxy, out into the wider universe. It served as the birthplace of Galaxy, long before the creation of planets.

Although outer space is mostly a desolate place, devoid of light and life, there are numerous space stations dotted around it. These stations serve as waypoints for travellers, and offer essential services such as refuelling points, food and other supplies, and beds. Historically, travelling throughout outer space has been a time-consuming affair, but recent advancements in the attainment of warp speed have dramatically reduced the time that it takes to get from one planet to another.

No single faction controls outer space, for it is too big and vast a place to claim. However, many factions would if they could. The Milky Way Galaxy alone is dominated by several factions, each one laying claim to expansive swathes of the galaxy as their territory, controlling the planets and stars therein.

Though few beings can survive in outer space, save for the elusive starsprites, there is at least one creature that lurks in the pitch blackness of the vacuum. That creature is Blackhole, manifestation of the void, and the reaper of worlds. He cannot be seen in the darkness, though, on especially black nights, some who gaze into the skies swear that they can see him staring back at them.

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