Galactic Halo

The Order of the Galactic Halo are an ancient cult and religious order, dedicated to preserving the legacy of the fallen creator-god Galaxy, and to restoring her by any means necessary. Its members are few, and they are scattered throughout the Milky Way Galaxy.

Like their ancient rivals, the Order of the Event Horizon, Galactic Halo play a significant part in intergalactic politics, with approximately 25 to 30% of Orion Diplomacy senators believed to be affiliated with the cult in some capacity. The empress herself, Cassiopeia, is a high-ranking Galactic Halo official, whilst her deputy – the Imperial Chancellor, Vacio – is a Void Councillor for Event Horizon.

Numerous leaders (or grandmasters) have served Galactic Halo over the long course of its storied history. Its current grandmaster is Kokytos, a mysterious and reclusive sorcimur mage who was originally from the planet Izelmyst.


The origins of the Order of the Galactic Halo date back to the time of Galaxy herself, although the cult wouldn’t take on its modern name until relatively recently. Back when her presence could still be felt in the world, Galaxy had numerous mortal followers; however, towards the end, all but her most ardent and loyal followers had turned against her, viewing her as neglectful at best, and at worst a tyrant.

By the time of her destruction at the hands of Blackhole, only a small cabal of dissident loyalists remained. They were Galaxy’s most devoted followers, and the earliest incarnation of Galactic Halo. When Galaxy fell, it was those followers who recovered what little of her shattered, calcified remains they could find, and interred them deep beneath the surface of the planet Gravehaven, where they constructed a grand mausoleum in her memory.

Millions of years have now passed since Galaxy’s defeat, yet somehow the Order of the Galactic Halo has endured. To this day, they work in the shadows to combat the rising dominion of their now-ancient rivals, the Order of the Event Horizon, and to investigate any sign of Galaxy’s return, which the stars foretold long ago, but which has not yet come to pass.

Leadership and membership

Throughout history, and particularly in the last few thousand years, it’s often been the cult’s ambition to have its grandmaster installed on the imperial throne of the Orion Diplomacy, thereby securing ultimate influence. It isn’t a requirement of the role to serve as emperor, however, and indeed many grandmasters don’t, choosing instead to dedicate themselves more fully to their other functions. Kokytos himself does not serve as emperor. Instead, Cassiopeia reigns as empress in his stead, a puppet to Galactic Halo’s desires and whims.

The vast majority of Galactic Halo are magic users, and rarely fight using physical weapons. Many possess innate power, being born of magical blood, but those who don’t can still be trained to fight magically using devices such as staves and wands.

Mission and beliefs

Ever since their foundation at the dawn of time, the Order of the Galactic Halo’s primary mission has been to serve Galaxy, however they can. In ancient times – since a creator-god like Galaxy needs little help – this generally meant offering her worship through sacrifice and prayer, and preaching to others so that they might do the same. They believed her infallible, indestructible and all-knowing. It was a devastating blow (and a big shock) to them all when she was unwittingly destroyed by Blackhole, her own creation.

It was a long time before Galaxy’s name was forgotten. Her remaining followers splintered, with many turning to Blackhole as the universe’s new god, and many more facing persecution or being driven into hiding as the years went by, but there were always those who believed in her. Galactic Halo were the largest of these groups, and they remained loyal to Galaxy even when others did, or could, not.

Though Galactic Halo have somehow endured the test of time, their numbers are small – particularly compared with their rivals, the Order of the Event Horizon. Their primary concerns are with preserving Galaxy’s memory and legacy, harnessing the power of the starsprites and keeping them from the clutches of Blackhole, his voidwraiths and Event Horizon, and – just maybe – restoring their fallen god by any means necessary.

Members’ duties

Members of the Order of the Galactic Halo are expected to serve Galaxy by carrying out official duties on the cult’s behalf. The exact nature of a member’s duties depends on their rank, with higher-ranking cultists entrusted with more complex, more sensitive, and potentially more dangerous tasks than their lower-ranking counterparts.

Galactic Halo initiates typically get assigned the more mundane duties of ritual participation; temple maintenance and housekeeping; acquiring or cultivating resources such as food and supplies; and studying the history and lore of Galaxy, her starsprites, and all those who followed her. At times, they may be called upon to boost numbers on tasks which require more hands, such as pilgrimages and excavations, but they are almost never entrusted to carry out critical cult business alone.

Mid-ranking members are trusted to carry out greater responsibilities. Unlike low-ranking members, who don’t often have reason to leave their temples, the duties of a mid-ranking cultist tend to take them out into the wider galaxy. That is why they’re more commonly seen in the wild than initiates. Typical tasks for mid-ranking members include the recruitment of new cultists; proving their devotion with rites and pilgrimages; relic hunts and expeditions; and travelling space as missionaries, proselytising in dark places which have forgotten the warmth of Galaxy’s eternal light.

The most sensitive, confidential and dangerous tasks are assigned only to high-ranking members. These are the members who have long-since proven their devotion to Galaxy, and their loyalty to the cult. They are entrusted with the most complex and intricate rituals, and sent out on the most dangerous expeditions and excavations, and they have all the cult’s resources at their disposal. Some deal in espionage, operating as double-agents within the Order of the Event Horizon and the Galaxian Protectorate, and some work to hunt down the starsprites, or other traces of Galaxy’s energy. (It’s rumoured that some are even tasked with assassinations, but that’s the sort of thing that only gets whispered about in hushed tones.)

Some, but not all, of Galactic Halo’s highest-ranking members divert to become officers of the cult. Although they oversee cult business, their own attention is typically focused on matters outside the cult itself, particularly matters of government. Many Galactic Halo officers serve as high-ranking representatives of the Orion Diplomacy. Their job is to spread the cult far and wide, and influence intergalactic politics in their favour. The empress herself, Cassiopeia, is an officer of Galactic Halo, and the same is true for a large percentage of its senators.

Notable members

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