Mother Earth

I suppose this short comic’s a bit of a sad one.

Humans do exist in the Kinoko and the Cult of Galaxy universe, and their influence can be seen in many things throughout the Milky Way Galaxy. They were one of the founding species of the Orion Diplomacy and its capital, New Triton, and although human representation is lower in our franchise than in others, humans are out there still, some of them even occupying positions of power.

But what of Earth, our home?

In this short comic, Kinoko and Mowmie overlook the smoking, littered remains of the planet humans once called home, and we catch a glimpse of our beautiful planet’s miserable fate. Evidently, with our place in the Orion Diplomacy, we and our descendents would go on to achieve remarkable things – but not without leaving a trail of destruction in our wake.

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