Choose your side

This one’s more of a poster than a comic, but we’ve nowhere else to drop it so here it is!

Will Kinoko join ranks with the Order of the Galactic Halo? Or will he side with the Order of the Event Horizon?

Canonically, of course, Kinoko isn’t much of a fan of either of the ancient cults that dominate the Milky Way Galaxy’s tense political landscape. If anything, he’s on the side of the starsprites, which – although they’re instinsically linked to Galaxy – would see both Galactic Halo and Event Horizon as antagonists, not friends.

But the idea of Kinoko being forced to pick a side is an interesting one, and it’s something we’re asked about often, so we wanted to imagine a hypothetical scenario in which Kinoko is put in this situation. On top of that, it’s a convenient way to very briefly summarise the ideologies of each cult at their most basic level – after all, neither side is necessarily right or wrong!

What about you? Which side would you choose?

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